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With particular interests in jazz and funk music, Callum Pascoe is a highly experienced Brisbane based performer specialising in drum kit and classical percussion whilst also being a self-taught bassist, pianist and guitarist.

Discovering his affection for music and performance at age 9, Callum pursued and refined his craft throughout his schooling. Participating in many musical endeavours, such as CGEN and MOST, he went on to attend the Queensland Conservatorium where he studied jazz performance, composition, and theory.

Currently, Callum is the principal drum kit player for the Queensland Youth Orchestra Big Band, with whom he tours extensively. He has performed in a variety of settings and venues with the group, highlights of which include: Suncorp Stadium, QPAC, City Hall, Cairns Reef Hotel Casino, Tattersalls Club and more. Furthermore, Callum has additionally played alongside the Queensland Pops Orchestra and Brisbane Chorale as a guest percussionist and timpanist. He has also founded and manages his own band, 'Deep Sonder', where he's produced and published music alongside performing regularly throughout Queensland at numerous well-credited venues, most notably 'The Zoo'.

Looking to follow music education as a career, Callum takes pride in imparting his experiences and expertise of his craft with personally tailored lessons for his students in pursuit of aiding them to become the best equipped performers and professionally sought-after musicians they can be.

Callum Pascoe


Percussion, Drums


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