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Charles Bluett




Brisbane-based pianist Charles Bluett, is a refined performer, committed teacher, and lifelong music lover.

Throughout his Bachelor of Music degree, he studied with Max Olding AM at the University of Queensland, where he is currently completing his Honours thesis under the tutelage of Angela Turner. Coming from a musical family Charles has always been surrounded by music, and has been playing instruments since he was six years old. Throughout his schooling Charles learnt several instruments and engaged with numerous ensembles from a variety of styles, ranging from classical guitar, to chamber music, choral music and more. This engagement with music has led Charles to perform in venues including the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, St John's Cathedral, the Queensland Children's Hospital, and to participate in such festivals as the Brisbane Music Festival.

Charles is an advocate of music as a source of enjoyment, therapy, and relaxation. Believing the arts to be a veritable tool to enrich our lives, his personal mission is to share the joy and many health benefits of artistic expression and mediums, through both performance and teaching. Being deeply passionate about education, his teaching philosophy is centred on ensuring each student enjoys lessons and engages with all aspects of their craft. In his piano lessons, he aims to provide his students with not only technical facility and interpretive capability, but a genuine appreciation and love for the music they produce. Understanding of and sensitive to the differences between people and learning styles, he tailors his lessons to each individual student, so that they can reach their full musical potential.

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